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How to excite your submissive in a chastity cage?

Comment exciter son soumis en cage de chasteté ? - Chastifyme

Hello, lovely reader. In this article, I suggest that you discuss together all the benefits of teasing within your relationship, through the chastity cage of course!

We have seen in this article previously how to make our darling submissive wear a chastity cage, the precautions to take and how this will impact your sexuality, your relationship, your daily life ... There is therefore no need to return to this principle. But once your man acclimates to his chastity cage and passive frustration becomes his normal it's time for you to start playing by teasing him daily. Pleasures guaranteed ;)

With teasing, we are clearly moving to another stage in rebuilding the relationship . Teasing him is one of the best ways to establish your dominant supremacy in a lasting and gentle way. Whether it is locked or not, take pleasure in stimulating the desires of your submissive, with a few well-chosen gestures and words. A little caress on his penis (just the hand passing over the pants, this is teasing and not foreplay), a light bite on the neck at an unexpected moment, a deeply seductive outfit... there are a lot so as to suggest to him your greed towards him. This teasing will have the effect of both amplifying his desire for you but also giving him emotional and sensual lifts that will excite him every time.

This gentle stimulation will ensure a continuous flow of feelings and desires towards you and will deeply upset him. He will then be even more attentive and docile to the idea of ​​satisfying you, His Mistress, His goddess, YOU, the object of his absolute lust.

For those who wish to exercise their power and domination over their submissive with clearly daring and explicit teasing, here is a small anthology of practices that could be inspiring.


Masturbate in front of him

Caged or not, make sure that your submissive is completely incapacitated when you take pleasure in masturbating in front of him. Tie him up, or firmly forbid him from touching himself while you show him the extent of your pleasure... he will then be totally crazy and you will be satisfied ;)

Penetrate it

Leave your sub in a chastity cage and have fun stimulating his most intimate erogenous zones and penetrating him yourself. Don't forget to give him a few hard spankings (very spicy). He surely deserved it.

Let him penetrate you with a strap-on

Still in his tight cage, the submissive must still respond to the desires of his mistress. Also, in a context of unabashed bestiality, you, his dominatrix, claim the animal in him. Overall, a good fuck! What frustration will your submissive feel when he, still locked in his chastity cage, has to equip himself with a strap-on dildo to penetrate you as you wish! All he will feel is the pressure of his cage as he moves back and forth. No glory for him, he gives you without receiving a point, that's all!


When I say stop

Finally, after seeing him beg you, his most desperate look, you decide to let him cum. Obviously, this act is in no way charitable!

To satisfy your supreme authority, what could be better than choosing the moment when he is about to cum to calm his ardor? Assert your absolute authority by forbidding him to ejaculate when he is about to cum. For greater consistency in the face of this given order, require him to put his cage back immediately. In the event that, under the effect of excitement, the gentleman forgets that he is under your orders, do not hesitate to increase the pressure by starting to count. 1…2…3 The number of days without release will depend on his reaction time. Might as well be reactive in all situations, gentlemen!! ;)

And if you are sneaky, dear reader, you can count from 2 to 2, from 5 to 5... you are free to choose your severity ;)

The goal of teasing is to show the other person that he or she is also the object of our attention despite assumed domination. Don't forget that teasing is a game, and that your partner must enjoy it too. To ensure that your actions towards him go smoothly, don't hesitate to ask him about his sensations and feelings. Unquestionably, you remain the only mistress on board and may your pleasure prevail over everything else. So be teasing with your submissive, and be sure that he will repay you ;)

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DOM Lora

DOM Lora

Très bonnes idées pour exciter mon soumis. On pourrait rajouter une chose que j’adore: laisser votre soumis vous pénétrez avec la cage de chasteté avec l’objectif de tenir au moins 3 minutes sans jouir après plusieurs semaines sans sex. Perso, il n’y arrive jamais😏

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