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How to Approach Male Chastity with Your Partner?

Comment Aborder la Chasteté Masculine avec sa Partenaire ? - Chastifyme

When you start a blog about male chastity and fetishism, it is common to receive questions from men wanting to know how to introduce the idea of ​​male chastity into their relationship, and how to convince their partner to lock them in a cage of chastity.

To begin introducing this new desired aspect of your intimacy to her, it is crucial to keep in mind and explain to your partner that this practice must be focused on her and her desires. If she's not interested, don't push it. At first, approach the subject delicately, no more than once every six months, taking a different approach each time.

Here are some ideas for broaching the subject of chastity and wearing a chastity cage with your partner:

  1. Explain the Non-Perverse Aspect : Clarify that your interest in the chastity cage is not a perversion, but an expression of your love and desire for it.
  2. Use Erotic Stories : Find erotic stories about male chastity that are both realistic and romantic. Suggest that we read them together to make him want to try. This approach can also turn into foreplay!
  3. Express Your Fears and Desires : Tell him that you want to be a better partner and that male chastity can help you focus on his needs and feelings.
  4. Online Resources : Show him articles from our erotica store or other sources that explain how male chastity can be romantic and beneficial to your relationship.
  5. Honesty about your Habits : Be honest about the frequency of your masturbation and explain that you want to refocus all of your sexual desire exclusively on her.
  6. Confession of Weakness : Admit that you might be tempted to stray and that chastity might help you stay faithful.
  7. If You Have a Small Penis : Express your desire to explore other ways of satisfying her that don't depend on penetration.
  8. More Oral, Less Pressure : Reassure her that, once in chastity, you will be more inclined to give her oral pleasure.
  9. Motivation for Household Chores : Explain how chastity can motivate you to take on more household chores by clearly inducing its sovereignty over you.
  10. She's in Control of the Situation : Assure her that she will have total control over the duration of your confinement, whether for a few hours or several months.
  11. Penetration and Excitement : Explains that chastity can make penetration more exciting and that ejaculation is not necessary to enjoy sex, far from it.
  12. Express Your Love and Adoration : Finally, make her understand that your desire for chastity stems from your deep love and admiration for her.

And don't forget, the main thing is to respect your partner's desires and limits. Male chastity should never be imposed, but offered as an option to enrich and deepen your relationship.

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