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Put an end to the pressure of sexual intercourse

En finir avec la pression des rapports sexuels - Chastifyme

One of the major benefits of using a male chastity cage is the significant reduction, if not elimination, of the pressure a woman feels to have sex. Indeed, before discovering male chastity and all the advantages that result from it, it may happen that we have the impression that each flirtation or naughty game experienced during the day tacitly induces an obligation to make love in the evening. This feeling experienced mainly among women, produces in them a feeling of pressure regarding the carnal act, and by extension, causes serious tensions within the couple. With the confinement of his penis in a chastity cage, the man calms his animal ardors and this pressure disappears almost completely, changing the dynamic of the relationship in an extremely positive way.

So I'll say it again, locking your man in a chastity cage turns this dynamic to your advantage ladies. How many of us have experienced a pleasant moment in gallant company, punctuated by delicious sensual experiences (see more!)… And how many of us have seen this delectable moment transform into an unpleasant sensation of forcing so that his majesty can enjoy ?! Ladies, it's time to impose your pleasure and your limits. Let's end once and for all with this narrow idea that a sexual relationship is limited to ejaculation. Let's teach our men that sex is also a subtle, suggestive, and frustrating act ;)

With the chastity cage, the goal is not only to be able to take control over your own pleasure, but also to create expectations in your man without immediately satisfying them. The promise of future liberation becomes a constant motivation, a kind of “carrot” always out of reach.

During an exchange on this subject during a consultation, a budding dominant told me her feelings about the method:

This situation allows you to tease Monsieur freely throughout the day, without feeling any obligations or feeling anxious. Now I can play with him, grab his ass, be openly tease, knowing that it doesn't lead to immediate expectations for the evening. We're just having fun and it's so good! The discovery of the chastity cage really improved our relationship. Although we never considered ourselves a particularly kinky couple, and had more "vanilla" tendencies, the use of male chastity enriched our relationship. I hesitated for a long time to “put my husband in a cage” but since he accepted and played along, our romantic relationship is once again spicy and healthy! I strongly advise those who are hesitant to try male chastity with their partner to take the plunge. These practices, which may seem taboo at first, quickly become natural and can have a real and positive impact on the relationship.

If the use of a chastity cage makes it possible to mechanically induce a change in your man's behavior with regard to his primary needs, it can also be interesting to show him, once a period of chastity is over, how much your relationship has improved thanks to this device, and how important it is always to listen to the woman who loves us!

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