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How to prepare your body before wearing your chastity cage?

Wearing a chastity cage requires a little mental and physical preparation. It would be a shame to launch passionately into this sensual experience and end it due to technical inconveniences that could have easily been avoided!

In this article, I will highlight all the essential details that will allow you to get started in the wonderful world of the chastity cage.

Mental preparation

Let's start with mental preparation first.

Wearing a chastity cage means wanting and agreeing to fully rely on the other... and accepting that your partner becomes master of your needs, your desires... This is about a form of letting go which can sometimes be frightening. Also, it is important to talk a lot with your partner in order to clarify all concerns, expectations but also the limits of the practice. Never forget, dear reader, games of submission and domination are above all a story of trust. If the confidence is there, then the field of possibilities in terms of pleasure will open up to you!


A physical training

Regarding physical preparation, several things need to be considered. Because, in order to launch you into this delicious experience, I must lay down an ABSOLUTELY indisputable basis for you: a DIRTY submissive is nothing other than a DIRTY person. If you want filth, then go your way... The rules that I suggest you follow are as follows:

Before wearing the cage: A gentle wash of your attributes.

It is essential that your virility attributes are carefully cleaned (with mild soap of course, no aggressive things.). Once clean, dry yourself properly as this will reduce the unwanted presence of bacteria or germs and will also limit irritation...

  • A delicate intimate clipping.

For better hygiene and a more pleasant wearing experience, I suggest you trim your pubic hair a little. No need to mow bare! (unless you like it or are asked, of course) but a light trimming will help avoid unfortunate hair removal due to hair getting stuck. In addition, the result will surely be more aesthetic for the partner who will direct you. :)

  • Good hydration.

Oh yes ! Well-hydrated skin is a sensation and guaranteed pleasure! A cream, a gel... everything is good as long as it is a product suitable for the intimate area. So zero perfume, and if possible… as natural as possible. Hydration will make the skin more supple and therefore more resistant to irritation. This argument is therefore also valid for the whole body! A submissive with soft, hydrated skin is always more alluring... ALWAYS.


The cage is installed!

Regarding the installation of the cage, I advise you to use a water-based lubricant because when inserting the penis into the cage, this will facilitate insertion and limit friction.

You may feel a little uncomfortable at first. Certainly, this can be part of an initiation to the pleasure of submission, but I advise you to still check that it is not a skin irritation, or incorrect installation of the chastity cage . In the event of irritation, remove your cage immediately! If pain or discomfort persists, do not hesitate to consult a health professional.

In the case of discomfort, your cage may be too tight, or poorly positioned. You will therefore need to ensure that you use equipment adapted to your body type. For this I invite you to read my article dedicated to the choice of cage. ( here ! )

Pain, however, remains a practice that is not really compatible with the chastity cage. The purpose of the cage is to limit and condition access to the male genitals by the dominant woman who is menstruating. I remind you that the relationship between submissive and dominant must be built on a relationship of trust between the partners and must in no case be to the detriment of another. If the submissive feels unconsented suffering, the game must be stopped immediately!

Being caged every day

We all have in mind the medieval image of the chastity belt; which once closed, only withdraws when the dominant male (at the time) returns from his vast and long conquests....

Stop the horror, here, we are in the 21st century! Hygiene above all... Because wearing the cage requires DAILY maintenance, whether of your privacy, or of the cage itself. It will therefore be necessary to do this 1 to 2 times a day (morning and evening).

So here is the procedure that I suggest to you:

→ Dismantle the entire chastity cage during washing and wash the cage carefully using a damp cloth daily. Carry out its cleaning once a week with a soft brush, in order to eliminate residues and other substances.

→ Follow the classic principles of body hygiene seen previously to wash the penis.

→ Let your attributes and the cage dry well before putting everything back in place. Otherwise, beware of injuries....


Don't take advantage of this moment to indulge in some solo pleasures. On the one hand, it's ugly, you break the tacit contract made with your dominant and you break the trust granted and then, if you do that, it is because you have understood nothing about the principle of abandonment of self and control exercised by your dominant. Because don't forget that your dominant has control over you, and that her sanctions can be terrible if she finds out what you dared to do.... so be it ;)

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