How my submissive lost 11 kilos in just 5 months!

Hello, dear reader!

Today, I want to tell you about a delicious experiment carried out on my lovely husband.

As everyone knows, the new year is a time for good resolutions. That of our couple was to start a new year with the aim of boosting our pleasure and giving ourselves the means to keep in good physical shape. Because ladies, let's be honest... although our desirable submissives are sometimes blessed by the gods for their dream appearance, it happens that winter and gluttony push them to wrap themselves in an unsightly layer of fat, abandoning the body of Apollo for that of a big bear cub.


Seeing that these unsightly bulges were starting to take up residence (which didn't seem to really bother the man at that time), I thought a lot about how to subtly impose on the man a strong return to the desired body. both taking full satisfaction from the situation. This is how I decided to submit a challenge to him, just to combine the useful with the very pleasant…


The principle is as follows: 1 month = 2 kilos lost. Sir gains ABSOLUTE submissive status, everything is under MY control. It therefore goes without saying that the chastity cage becomes a second skin throughout the challenge period.

Here is the model of chastity cage that my submissive wears during our sports sessions:

Mamba Python V7.2: 3D Edition

This cage is perfect for intense sporting activities! It is light, comfortable. The one below, for the rest of the day.

Mamba Python V7.2: Metal Edition

The perfect cocktail to have a good submissive with the dream body: Weekly weigh-in. Sports sessions, dietary rebalancing... and a lot of sexual tension and frustration in the good little submissive, to be sure to always have absolute control. A system of rewards and punishment has obviously been put in place, in order to keep the submissive on alert: For each kilo lost, my submissive is released from his cage. The time of an evening, or the time he can have fun. Be careful, as soon as the orgasm is reached, the cage is put back immediately! So if the gentleman wants to prolong the pleasure... he will have to hold back :) To add additional motivation, I have set up a punishment system with food restrictions, small (subtle) humiliations in public and above all household chores! Believe me dear reader, Mr. was more than docile and motivated! And all this to my great happiness...


And the results of all this?

Through carefully measured motivation, Monsieur ended up losing 11 kilos in just 5 months! We were both very happy with the result. Her body is more appetizing than ever and our libido has reached a level that we have never reached before!

Because the tension, both psychological and sexual, that this game fostered transported us. The fact of having TOTAL domination over my sub spiced up our daily life, especially when I urgently demanded proof to ensure that he was well caged. Imagine the embarrassment felt when in the middle of a meeting you receive a text asking for said photo proof and, to top it all off, you only have 40 seconds to react, under penalty of severe punishment? I still remember the look of excitement that shone in his eyes the evening I sent these requests. Him, eager to devour me whole, completely devastated by succulent frustration.... and me, enjoying this wonderful sensation of control over my adored submissive. Because, to be honest, subjecting him to these surges of sexual tension and receiving his total obedience was incredibly sexy. I don't think I'll ever get tired of it.

To conclude this story, I think this challenge gave us everything we were looking for. A crazy body (yum!) for the man, a lot of pleasure and above all... relational and sexual fulfillment never before achieved. Our already very close-knit couple loves to show erotic curiosity and continues to flourish in these submission/domination games.

So I invite you to try it too, dear reader. Who knows, maybe you will have better results than us in this game? Don't hesitate to come and tell me your experiences in the comments, I will be delighted to read you ;)

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