Chastifyme enters 2023!


Welcome to the world of Chastifyme, the high-end online store dedicated to the sale of chastity cages. Whether you are a simple amateur or a veteran of chastity practices, we want the best for you, which is why we offer you quality products, selected and tested by us.

Who are we ?

At Chastifyme, we have given ourselves a mission: To offer quality chastity cages !

Coming from the naughty practices of a couple very much in love and curious about the pleasures of submission, Chastifyme was born in 2022. It was after trying numerous chastity cages that we chose to create our own online store. We have selected for you what we consider to be the top of the range in terms of cages. Healthy raw materials, comfort and robustness are the three essential criteria in our choices for a good cage. So, no need to hesitate anymore, if you are looking for the ideal cage to satisfy your submissive desires, your happiness is here!

Hello Mistress Adèle

In this charming couple, very curious about carnal pleasures, there is… me. I am Adèle, dominatrix at heart. I will ask you, for greater convention, to call me Mistress Adèle.

Perhaps we have already crossed paths, in an erotica fair, or in one of the many BDSM conventions that I have attended. Or perhaps we crossed paths in my office? Because in “classic” life I am a sexologist... Yes! From a very young age, sexuality interested me a lot. It is so healthy and enriching to be able to help a couple (or a single person!) to listen to each other, discover themselves and flourish....

It is also thanks to this wonderful profession and my avowed passion for domination that I will offer here short practical guides , objective reviews on the cages presented here, as well as articles to share with you, anecdotes, strategies of submissions and pleasures with Monsieur in order to give you some ideas and accompany you in the quest for your pleasures :)

The future looks bright at Chastifyme!

In order to always better satisfy our customers, at Chastifyme we are always looking for what might please you... And we have a head full of ideas :). Also keen to improve our services and expand our range of products, we will soon offer various new features, such as the personalization of your favorite products, to offer you a tailor-made experience. Quiet ! We won't tell you any more... ;)

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