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Male Chastity: Redefining Virility

Chasteté Masculine : Redéfinir la Virilité - Chastifyme

Hello to you, dear control holders, dear submissives. Today I offer you a reflection that every dominatrix, however divine she may be, and that every submissive, however obedient he may be, will ask himself one day.

Because you who are reading this, I am sure that you have already asked yourself: “What kind of man would allow a woman to keep his penis in a chastity cage and give her control over her sexuality?” “or in other words, why on earth would a man free to satisfy his needs and express them engage in a practice that can seem humiliating and castrating? If you are asking yourself this kind of question, then this article is for you!

Among the multitude of existing male profiles, some choose to submit to the authority of a third person to maintain control over their sexual appetite. This third person can be the woman with whom we share our life, like a professional dominatrix whose training skills no longer need to be demonstrated ;) But is it really being a REAL man to do violence to yourself like this? Isn't a man supposed to be the dominant evil, the one who dictates the behavior of everyone within the couple under the cover of his sexual impulses?

Let's settle the matter once and for all.

What is a “real” man?

Man, THE REAL MAN, is a being of reason. And reason is not dictated by impulses! A man, a real one, knows how to combine pleasure, desire and fulfill the expectations of his beloved. A real man is above all in control of his impulses and his base instincts.

Also, a REAL man knows his strengths and admits his weaknesses... And when his ardent desires are inconsistent with those of his delicious companion, then he takes the lead in finding solutions OR asks for help to find balance in your relationship. The greatness of a man is measured by the respect he has for those around him.

It is therefore time to put male pride back where it should be: The true man is therefore a reasonable being and capable of restraining himself for the good of his wife.

If some men will therefore take the initiative to wear a chastity cage (TOP!!) Others will undoubtedly have more difficulty admitting that they need to curb their ardor. In this case, it is often up to the future budding dominatrix to have the sometimes delicate task of bringing up the subject of chastity cages.

Be careful, I'm not saying that a fiery lover has nothing appetizing for women! But as I already expressed in a previous article, the fluctuation of desire is much more delicate in women than in men. We all know that the beginnings of a relationship can be very intense, but, gentlemen, please learn to decipher the signs sent by your wife when this first stage ends! Otherwise you will become enterprising, and that is not good in a relationship.

Am I the real man?


A question that appears naive at first glance, but which can actually reveal much more than you imagine about yourself, dear future submissive. If the signals sent by your wife have not yet been decoded, I suggest you list a few characteristics that could help you understand that you yourself are a little too enterprising ;):

  • You notice that there is a big gap between your libido and that of your partner
  • You have limitless libido and energy
  • You have already been attracted to another woman(s) to a point where you almost/exceeded the limit of what was acceptable (deception)
  • You are always right, it's the others who are wrong or don't understand.
  • You have a work environment where you are respected, admired or have influence and you feel the need to shine in your home
  • You have great confidence in yourself

    So if you are closer to the animal in heat than to the balanced man you thought you were, you should let your partner guide you in the area of ​​chastity and control. It will improve your relationship, be sure. Although this may seem strange and difficult to some, there is nothing here that is humiliating or castrating. You'll just stop thinking about yourself and your needs and finally focus on the essential: your relationship.

    I sense from here the most skeptical doubting the effectiveness of chastity cages. But rest assured that the number of couples who have (re)discovered passion and carnal pleasure following being caged is extraordinary! By agreeing to wear an object of constraint under the yoke of your future dominatrix, you ensure that you offer the power of control to your wife…. and future crazy moments! Offer control to your wife, abandon yourself to her, show her that you are devoted to her, and be sure that you will rediscover her more spicy than ever.

    It is quite common for men occupying important positions to associate their social status with that of their intimate life. Also, these “dominant” men in their professional lives tend to want to control EVERYTHING. This is where you, my dear readers, must manifest yourself by taking back the power that is due to you! The cage acts on these men as a therapy of assistance and letting go. You will see, future dominatrixes, these men quickly develop a taste for submission and will ask for more when they see how much you will flourish together.

    Conversely, some men need stimulus to be interested in their wife. Caging an addict of the fatal “couch TV game” combo can remind him vigorously that one does not court his wife “when he wants, on occasion or when he thinks about it”. A woman has the right to expect her man to be interested in her and desire her. The release of the chastity cage will then play the role of currency of exchange. “Do you want to be released? So lose 5 kilos!” Diabolical…. But effective ;)

    The real women who will dominate everything!


    Here are some profiles of women who are excellent candidates to finally take back the reins of shared pleasure within the home.

    1. The stay-at-home mother The stay-at-home mother may be bored at home and feel helpless in the face of her husband's work. So what could be better than taking the lead in setting up this new type of relationship?
    2. The active woman The professional woman is used to being responsible at work, she is capable of asserting herself and demanding respect. She's used to getting what she wants and that helps her make sure her household functions the way she expects it to. Initiating your future subject to wearing a cage will then be a delicious distraction ;)
    3. The obsessive woman She wants everything to go as she wants, for everything to be in order. She wants to know when things are happening and she needs everything to happen the way she wants. In short, a dominatrix, a pure one, a tough one. The relationship she wants to establish will probably be highly dominant... But what pleasure for the submissive who will happily submit to all her wishes!

    It's important to note that this practice can also be beneficial for same-sex couples, although my blog focuses on heterosexual couples because that's what I'm most familiar with.

    So, do you recognize yourself in one of these profiles? And your partner? Tell me what you think about it.

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