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The power of the ruined orgasm

Le pouvoir de l'orgasme ruiné - Chastifyme

Dear reader, I am going to talk to you today about a practice that intrigues, fascinates and sometimes even frightens in the world of chastity; I want to talk to you today about ruined orgasm. Imagine yourself for a moment in a universe where every thrill, every breath is controlled, where pleasure is both a quest and a game of power. All taken to its extreme.... to be totally broken, controlled, savored... Appetizing isn't it?

The origins of the ruined orgasm

The story of the ruined orgasm is deeply rooted in BDSM traditions. It is a subtle art, an expertise that every dominatrix must master to establish her supremacy. Imagine yourself now, as a good submissive, locked in your chastity device, burning with desire, led to the edge of ecstasy by your sultry dominatrix…. then.... STOP! This is where it all ends. Brutal return to reality. Your orgasm is deliciously "ruined" by your dominatrix. In addition to the shock wave and the surge of sensation that this intense takeover of power by your dominatrix over your desire to cum provides, you will live an experience that transcends pleasure.

How to Achieve a Ruined Orgasm

There's nothing rocket science about setting up the ruined orgasm. First, you need to make sure that both partners are comfortable with the idea and have discussed the practice. It's hard to imagine reaching orgasm and seeing yourself break in your tracks without having been previously prepared.... because hello disappointment for everyone!

Here, I am mainly addressing the dominatrix who will practice her total control over her submissive.

To truly push your submissive to the threshold of enjoyment, you must first “prepare the ground”. First start by locking your sub for a few days in his chastity cage and above all forbid him from removing it (except for the uses known and seen in other articles). Anticipation is the key to a ruined super orgasm.

The submissive will very quickly feel natural needs and will piously demand that someone deigns to take care of him. Leave it to marinate for a few days…. even if it means making him a little desperate by giving him the impression that you're not interested.

So after a few days, his submission will be complete and accompanied by a powerful desire for you. And this is where the game can finally truly begin :)

I can only recommend one of the 2 cages below for your playtime:

Chastity Bird V5: Resin Edition

Mamba Python V7.2: Metal Edition

From the rise of desire to the breakdown of orgasm

The dominatrix that you are can finally give free rein to your imagination in order to raise the temperature between you... by keeping the chastity cage sealed, of course! Your goal is simple: Drive your submissive crazy, until he begs you to remove the cage ;)

Once you have completed the submissive's warm-up and the foreplay is completed, the sports phase can then begin. As the good dominatrix that you are, make sure to always remain very attentive to the reactions of your submissive, in order to sense when he is about to reach orgasm.

And there, just before the point of no return, you calm the ardor of your subject by cutting short any physical reaction. Your submissive will then feel a sensation of "incomplete" or "ruined" orgasm. To spice up the game a little more, you can repeat the process several times, ruining several successive orgasms. This escalation of ruined orgasms will satisfy your authority as a dominatrix with a masterful hand, and will give your submissive real waves of desires and frustrations. Believe me.... we never get tired of it ;)

NB: Small information (which is not that small).

When your submissive, excited like crazy, removes his chastity cage in order to satisfy your carnal needs, there may be a small flop in his vigor.... Nothing surprising and very bad! Just maybe a little frustrating at the time. Blood flow may take a few minutes to return to normal once the sir attribute is released. While waiting for the machine to be operational, why not take the opportunity to explore other horizons of excitement by using a variety of toys?

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