The ultimate guide to a successful Locktober 2023.

The Lockto what?

Locktober, a contraction of “ lock ” and “ october ” (October), is a challenge of deprivation of masculine pleasures. To put it simply, it involves wearing a chastity cage for the entire month of October without interruption.

For a very short month, you will have to abstain from any orgasm... fun, right? But be careful, abstinence doesn't mean you won't have fun! I am going to give you here the special recipe for mistress Adèle, to undergo (or make undergo) a locktober that meets your desires.

Preparing for lockdown: some key points.

The locktober is on, you're locked in. From now on, you no longer have access to this part of your body which gives you so much pleasure... Your new ally, the chastity cage, denies you access to your attributes, requiring abstinence from any orgasm. Put it this way, locktober isn't very interesting... but wait until you see what follows ;)

First of all, to be able to claim a successful locktober, you will need to arm yourself with courage and patience. Depending on your sexual appetite, abstinence can be really difficult to maintain, especially if your dominatrix takes pleasure in taunting you! But first of all... You will have to choose THE cage that will do the job and securely enclose your attributes. I strongly advise you, dear reader, to choose a very good quality cage, which combines comfort and durability. The locktober lasts 30 days, don't forget...

For the occasion, I selected this cage:

Chastity Bird V5: Resin Edition

This is the cage that the gentleman is currently wearing! Tested and approved by us, it offers absolute comfort and safety. Because the temptation is great, so it's better to invest in a cage that holds it perfectly and prevents any unwelcome escape :)


The daily lockdown.

Knowing how to adapt is the very principle of survival. So, dear reader, it’s up to you! For 1 month, you will have to wear a cage. It will be like an extension of your body that will hinder your arousal. Don't forget that this is not a simple BDSM game between a couple who likes to spice up their love life, or a relationship between submissive and dominant. This involves combining everyday life and wearing a cage for 1 MONTH. So whether it's at your little niece's birthday meal, during your boring Monday morning meeting or after your big cardio session, you'll always be locked in!

It is quite rare for followers of chastity to express their submission openly. Also, think about all those little innocuous moments in your daily life that will have to be changed during this lockdown: the collective shower at the gym, the slightly tight pants that let the shape of your cage show through... or even the belt to hold your body in place. cage that sticks out from your pants when you bend over...

Your first mission will therefore be to become a pro at hiding! Focus on careful organization to demonstrate discretion and thus preserve your privacy.

You will be my goddess.... 1 month of control... and humiliation for good domination.

Once you entered locktober, you tacitly agreed to become your dominatrix's submissive. For a month, you will be reduced to this condition, obedient and servile, accepting the fate reserved for you.

After the first days of adaptation, you will feel a feeling of inner struggle growing within you: the one who will want to regain control of your body and abandon the challenge, and the one who will accept to submit to the games and assume their true nature. 'be docile. Know that nothing is more delectable for a dominatrix, my dear reader, than a man prey to these torments.

Once the submissive has reached maturity in his acceptance of submission, the play can finally begin. FIRST: put in place clear rules. The submissive remains silent. He does so. Prohibition to ask or worse... to demand anything.


The man fades away in favor of the sole desire of his dominatrix. This is how.

To ensure that the submissive does not give in to his primary needs, the dominatrix can take possession of his key by becoming the keyholder. Hanging around the neck, put on a bracelet or even hung on the lace of your old sneaker if you want to make the possession humiliating; so many opportunities to show off that submission trophy.

And why not “lose it” in an incongruous place? I remember putting the gentleman's key in my in-laws' key box... and pretending to forget it when I left. Oops ! I then kindly asked for this important key to be brought to me during our next family meal... Imagine the man's face when the key was given to me, in the middle of an aperitif, by my mother-in-law. .. a delight.

To stay in the family context, do not hesitate, dear dominatrix, to use various stratagems to make your submissive uncomfortable. A few carefully measured admonitions in public, or clear (but always subtle!) allusions to your superiority during a meeting with friends... Nothing is tastier.

The pleasure that the submissive will experience during her period of chastity will be increased tenfold if the dominatrix also flourishes in her role. So, when the submissive finds himself in a classic life situation (work, sport, subway, etc.), do not hesitate, dear dominatrix, to use your ability to raise his temperature. A few very seductive sexts, filled with crude words, inflamed desires and sulphurous photos will be perfect for this kind of situation.

You can also encourage him to hope that you will give in to his purely physical desires once you get home. You will see, after a moment of restriction, this type of game works wonderfully and takes you much faster than you imagine. Let it marinate for a few hours, stimulating its desires by sexting, then when you feel that the prey is taking the bait, let it simmer for a few hours without adding more. Finally, when you reunite at home, finish him off by whispering a few crude words in his ear... or by giving him some humiliating orders that he loves to receive. A few caresses and kisses, a little bite here and there. And There you go ! The weak man is all yours!

Finish him off by taking him to your favorite place (the bed is conventional but many other places in the house allow you to spend delicious carnal moments ;)) to give him the illusion until the end that he has won your favors…. and finally, reveal to him the pot of roses! Believe me dear reader, the light that appears in the eyes of the submissive when he finally understands that you have played with him…. is an exceptional pleasure!

I admit that I had a lot of fun playing this little trick on my adorable submissive. Regarding the orders to give to impose my dominatrix posture, I know that I can count on my primary asset: my feet. And yes! My dear and sweetheart has a certain weakness for feet. So, to start a proper domination session, I make sure to wear the shoes he prefers, and order him to take them off to kiss my feet. If it suits me, I give him a little caress on the cheek. But if I'm not satisfied... He gets punished! I love this introduction! The submissive is brought into line, he knows that he is yours and that the game begins.


You too, dear dominatrix, find the weak link in your submissive and exploit it so that he scrupulously obeys you!

Locktober is also the ideal time to do some naughty shopping. Since your submissive is fully devoted to you, make sure to offer you lots of little attentions.

Starting with some crazy alluring lingerie! Nothing like a magnificent set of lingerie that will make you sexier than ever to give your submissive crazy desires... The frustration he will feel when he sees you will be extreme, and very appreciable for you, that goes without saying. And let's not forget the essential little naughty toys, which ensure delicious moments of "solitary" pleasure when the gentleman is unavailable due to chastity.

So, there are many ways to torment your submissive during locktober. The main thing is to know your submissive in order to be able to give him an unforgettable moment of frustration and submission and at the same time allow you to enjoy your natural authority as a dominatrix. Last advice for you, dear dominatrix: If locktober is a month without physical enjoyment from your submissive, this is absolutely not the case for you. Also, you are free to take all the pleasure you want. The caged male will be all the more diminished if he sees you sexually fulfilled, offering you delicious sessions of pleasure... of which he can only be a spectator!

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