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How do you know if your man is masturbating too much?

Comment savoir si votre homme se masturbe trop ? - Chastifyme

Today we are addressing a crucial topic in the world of controlled chastity: the frequency of male masturbation and its influence on submission dynamics, particularly when it comes to the use of a chastity cage or belt. of chastity. Because, let's not be naive ladies; if there is ONE thing on which all men are equal, it is of course their desire for solitary enjoyment!

You may be surprised, dear dominatrix, to learn how often your partner engages in this practice alone. Ask him about these practices, and tell yourself that if your man says he masturbates less than once a day, he might not be telling you the whole truth. Indeed, the frequency of male masturbation varies from one man to another and can be daily (or even more!!!) for some while others practice it once or twice a week. However, according to the latest studies on the subject, the ideal frequency of orgasm in a man should be limited (depending on age and testosterone level) to one practice every 5 to 7 days, i.e. times a week on average. Enough to calm the desires of some!

Here is a general guide based on age to give you an idea of ​​the appropriate frequency:

  • Men aged 20 to 29: every 3 to 5 days
  • Men aged 30 to 49: every 5 to 7 days
  • Men aged 50 to 59: every 10 to 12 days
  • Men aged 60 and over: 2 times per month Maximum

Regarding your relationship, and the dominant/submissive relationship that you both have, it is essential that your man asks your permission before any masturbation. Given that the flesh is weak, many men will undoubtedly have difficulty restricting themselves and will find a whole bunch of smokeless excuses to justify their actions, despite your decision. Also, to submit them to your irrevocable authority and to the slightest of your desires concerning this solitary practice, a solution is naturally necessary: ​​put them in a chastity cage . chastifyme-blog-masturbation-chastity-cage

If, despite the chastity cage, you doubt its fidelity to this rule, you can carry out a simple test during your intimate exchanges. Examines the amount of sperm produced; an unusually small or strangely light amount could indicate that he hasn't told you everything about his masturbation habits. (What a naughty boy…)

The need for a chastity cage is therefore common among men, as distractions abound in our society. Easy access to pornography and erotic images, the sexy lingerie you wore during your last wild evening or simply his overflowing imagination are enough to stimulate him!

So impose your desire for control by locking the attributes of your submissive in a chastity cage in order to take control over his desires. If, despite everything you put in place, a case of disobedience arises, do not hesitate to punish him. Because never forget this rule dear dominatrix: a good submissive is a submissive who obeys. However, we can show clemency and moderate the severity of the punishment if the submissive confesses himself in the event of a fault ;). chastifyme-blog-masturbation-chastity-cage

It is important to know that incessant sexual urges can significantly disrupt a man. By controlling these impulses using a chastity cage, you ensure the best version of your partner.

For novices, here is the chastity cage that I recommend. Each moment of shared pleasure should be unique and dedicated exclusively to you. In cases where distance separates you, you could allow directed masturbation, asking him to focus on a photo of you or a pair of your underwear. Once again, it's up to you.

Don't hesitate to share your questions or thoughts below and don't forget the guides that we make available to you for free. I hope these tips will guide you in your approach to control and harmony in your relationship!

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