Glossary of Male Chastity

Glossaire de la Chasteté Masculine - Chastifyme

There is a lot of information out there about chastity and it is sometimes difficult to distinguish what is real from what is fantasy. To help you, I've put together this handy reference guide to all things chastity, explaining all the terminology and words commonly used in this area. You will find that some terms used in the chastity world overlap with BDSM terminology, as there are invariably elements of the chastity lifestyle that also fall under BDSM. This is not to say that the two must coexist, a lifestyle of chastity can and often does exist in a relationship where there are no or few elements of BDSM.

Male Chastity

The concept of a man locking himself, or being locked, in a chastity cage. It can be a way to enhance the intimacy of a relationship or an exchange of sexual power with one's partner.

Chastity Cage

A device placed on the penis to limit its ability to have an erection and to minimize the possibility of sexual contact, such as masturbation.

Mamba Python Cage

Popular type of chastity cage made from nylon resin and characterized by its distinctive net-shaped design. Due to their light weight and strength (plus the fact that they don't set off metal detectors!), these cages have been extremely popular in recent years.

Chastity Nub

Cages with "nub" in the title relate to both the style and size of the cage. It is a very small and squat cage, literally meaning "a small bump or protrusion".

Forced Chastity

So you are in chastity, but how willing are you? Although all reasonable play begins with agreement and consent, many key holders like to exert their power over the cage wearer by forcing them to wear it for longer than they want or by refusing to unlock it when he thought it would be unlocked. It's an extra layer of spice in a chastity relationship.

Female Led Relationship (FRR)

A female-led relationship is a relationship style in which the woman makes all the key decisions and assumes absolute control of the relationship, from daily life to the sexual elements of the relationship. It is not uncommon for this dynamic to be present in chastity relationships.

Chastity keychain

A key ring that... holds your key! This is a gentler option than the FLR mentioned above. A chastity slave is not necessarily in a relationship, but he still needs someone to take control of his key. In theory, the key holder could be a friend, someone with whom he has a casual or more serious relationship, or an appointed key holder such as a mistress or professional dominant. In the professional context, these people often accept a monthly payment to take control of a submissive person's key.


In a BDSM dynamic, whether play or a relationship, a dominant (Dom, Domme) is the one who takes control. This notion is also relevant in chastity play, as chastity cages are often used in BDSM play without necessarily becoming a permanent or ongoing feature.


For every dominant, there is a submissive (Sub). The submissive in the dynamic offers himself to the dominant in a consensual manner and often by discussing limits and expectations beforehand. This allows the dominant to explore the mind and body of the submissive, and together they can create powerful experiences. Chastity cages are often used in this type of play.

Slave Contract

Usually part of a larger BDSM agreement, a slave contract outlines the slave's expectations by setting minimums and limits. These rules must be respected by all parties involved. In a slave contract, chastity rules are often set, such as the minimum and maximum time the slave will be locked in the cage. Other elements, such as permission for release or orgasm, may also be included in such a contract.

“Flat Bird” Chastity Cage

A “Flat Bird” chastity cage is a cage that does not allow the penis to protrude from the body and therefore generally has a flat appearance. These cages have no length and are therefore only suitable for people with very small penises or those who have gradually trained themselves to use smaller and smaller cages.

Negative Chastity

Negative chastity cages go even further than flat chastity cages! They actually push the penis further into the body. Often appreciated as part of feminization, sissification or sissy play, they remove the visual appearance of the male penis.

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