Complete Beginner's Guide: The Art of Male Chastity

The time has finally come, you and your partner have discussed it several times and you have decided to try male chastity. Congratulations ! Welcome to a whole new world of experiences, we hope you love it as much as we do.

How to start?

The first thing we recommend is having an open and honest conversation with your partner or Dominant. We cannot stress enough that open and honest communication is the foundation from which everyone should start. This applies to many areas of life. Especially in the context of a relationship, and especially when it comes to sexual fantasies.

If your partner confides his most intimate desires to you, you must listen to him and respect him to have the courage to talk about them with you. Even if it's something you don't like or that disgusts you, don't shame him, he has enough courage to tell you that.

Now you have to choose your cage!

For people trying a device for the first time, my team and I would probably recommend a resin or 3D resin cage.

You have the choice between Resin, 3D Resin and metal. As with all things, they have their pros and cons depending on what you want. Here is a table which summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of each chastity cage material.


Measure yourself and don't cheat on your measurements! You generally need to know the length of your penis when not erect, as well as the width and girth of your penis and testicles (taken behind and around the sac).

For chastity beginners, I highly recommend:

They are both very good and really affordable!

The package is in my hands.

Get used to the chastity cage and test it out, play with it for a few hours, a few days. Take it apart and reassemble it. Familiarize yourself with the cage, as you will likely spend a lot of time there. Does the device fit easily? Is the locking mechanism a bit stiff? Are the keys easy to remove once the device is locked? Does the device have any sharp or rough edges? These are all things you need to know before putting in any cage.

Believe in my experience, your cage will become part of you, it is better to know what you will wear for days, weeks or even months.

It's time to put on your cage!

It is very likely that you will get an erection while trying to put the device on, given the excitement. This is completely normal ! However, this can be frustrating if you just want to get things done.

Here are some tips to help you “de-escalate” the situation: Ask your partner/dominant to leave the room if you need to. Think about things that aren't sexy. Breathe deeply and calmly.

And if that doesn't work, take a cold shower. The cold will definitely kill your erection, but the cold also serves to constrict your blood vessels, making everything a little smaller. This is an excellent thing.

I'm lubricated, in the cage and locked. I'm in chastity, is it over?


The final safety precaution: Keys.

There are 3 main scenarios with chastity and keys. One is that you and your partner do this together, the other is that you pay a Mistress or Master to hold your keys or you handle it alone.

  1. If it's you and your partner doing it together, that's fantastic! Separate the keys – most devices come with at least two keys. You keep one in a safe place and your partner keeps one. The must is that she wears it around her neck so that you can see her constantly and remember this secret between you. It's a delicious feeling from what I know! You must nevertheless keep one of the keys in a safe and accessible place in the event of loss of the first key or in the event of an absolute emergency.
  2. The second key in a safe place. It's time to check how you feel and move with it. How is the cage placed? Is there any discomfort? …A device that fits you well shouldn't be too uncomfortable. The only possible discomfort should be when you are trying to get an erection. Otherwise, the device must be comfortable.
  3. If all is well, it's time to check your testicles. How are they? Are they tight? Is there any friction? If there is any rubbing, you need a slightly larger ring, so go for the larger size. Your testicles should not change color. If they turn blue or purple, stop wearing the chastity cage and use a larger ring.

Something else ?

The last big point concerns longer term chastity, health and cleanliness. Wash every day. 2 times/day if you do physical work or play sports. Soap and water are more than enough to get the job done and most devices have a urethral opening and side openings to ventilate your penis. Your health must be an absolute priority. I advise you to get out of your cage once a day in order to clean your cage and your penis completely.

Chastity is not an excuse for not being hygienic. Failing to stay clean is a disgrace to yourself and your partner/Keyholder - be proud of your submissive decisions and take care of yourself.

Stay clean - It's just nasty otherwise. Wash regularly with soap and water.

Enjoy the world of male chastity. Things will never be the same again, I assure you. Welcome and enjoy.

If you have any questions or comments (maybe we've left something out of this guide that you think we should include), please let us know.

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