How to wear a chastity cage? (2023 update)

Have you purchased your first (or hundredth) chastity cage and are looking for advice on how to wear (or confine your partner/submissive/cuck) safely and with maximum comfort?

Maitresse Adèle and her team have created this simple guide to guide you through each step of the process.

Safety Precautions


Before saying goodbye to free access to your penis, make sure you have clear ideas and don't get carried away by your fantasy. Choose your keyholder wisely and I invite you to read our various blog articles, in particular the one on the chastity contract especially if you are committing to chastity for the first time or with someone with whom you are new. you don't have a stable and/or long relationship.

It is important to always have a backup key available to the user, but that does not mean that it must be accessible. I've put together a guide to keeping keys for people in committed D/s relationships and for those who choose to lock themselves. Finally, I recommend reading our guide to using chastity devices to make sure you are familiar with how the device works before you begin.

Preparation and maintenance

I recommend doing the prep work in order to get the most out of your chastity experience. Although many people choose to completely shave their genitals before using a device, if this is your first time, we encourage you to reconsider. Total hair removal can cause itching and a shaving rash because the hairs grow back and can be irritated by the device.

Instead, we suggest trimming the pubic hair to a short length that will not snag on the device but is less likely to irritate the skin and still allows visual access to keep track of any pinching, bruising or other issues with it. your chastity cage.

Also do not hesitate to use water-based lubricant only.

1. Put on the ring


Method 1:

  • Slide the base/back ring over your member and balls so that it sits snugly against your body. Take the time to get it right, the lubrication should allow everything to fall into place smoothly. I recommend a slow and steady approach, gently pulling on each testicle, one after the other. Slowly pulling the scrotal skin through the ring first can help guide your bursae. Bend your flaccid penis downward to help it pass through the ring.

Method 2:

  • Pass the ring through your penis (the tube) then pass the testicles one after the other. gently. I personally recommend this second solution.

2. Place the cage


Being careful not to pinch yourself, slide your flaccid penis inside the cage. I advise you to slightly open the glans so that the penis is completely open when it is fully inserted. Also, don't skimp on adding lubricant to your member during installation so that your penis perfectly fills the space in the cage. Don't hesitate to add the dose if necessary.

3. Lock the device and return the keys!


This is perhaps the trickiest part, so experimenting with locking and unlocking the device before putting it in place will definitely pay off and may help loosen the lock if it is initially stiff.

Most of our chastity devices have a built-in locking system. Place the lock on the key, insert it into the ring and cage once they are aligned and turn the key. Some models have a separate padlock. For these types of mechanisms, unlock the padlock, align and hang the device, then click the locking pin.

Wearing the cage and ring

The final step is to return the keys to the designated holder or store them in a safe place. Now that you are completely enclosed, remember that regular cleaning and maintenance is an integral part of the chastity experience and it is important to regularly check for pinching, bruising or other signs of serious discomfort. This is an absolutely crucial point.

Chastity is intended to prevent you from being erect and cause you a lot of frustration, but it should not hurt and cause permanent pain. If this happens, immediately remove the device and inspect yourself completely. Give any abrasion time to heal, apply moisturizer, then reapply the device or find another model. There is absolutely no shame in removing your device for health or medical reasons and even the most experienced remove their device regularly to clean and inspect it, on the contrary.

It's a marathon not a sprint so take care of yourself to make the most of your locked time.

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